Texas Reliance on Fossil Fuels


Brennan Robinson, Staff Writer

Millions of Texans have suffered this past month because , by the cause of a snow storm. One that had cut the power off and froze frozen windmills. Windmills are one of the most used ways of getting energy to the residents of Texas.
According to Reutars, “…the differences between Texas’s independent power grid and the rest of the United States,” shows that Texas has a different type of power source and is more reliant on that power source than other states.
The Los Angeles Times says that windmills and wind energy are not the reason why power fell all over Texas however. The LA Times has said that, “…most of the power generators that have found themselves frozen solid or unable to access fuel aren’t wind turbines, but rather coal- and gas-fired power plants — in other words, fossil fuels.” Scientists have claimed that this source of power can not be affected by bad weather.
These differences in opinions and fact checks can both prove to be right in what they say. Both the fossil fuel and the wind energy can both have played a factor in the Texas blackout. With the generators and windmills frozen shut getting power back will be a difficult and slow process. One that may take weeks to a month to fix.
Though Texas is also playing a part in this problem seeing as in the LA Times it is said that, “…they chose to operate their electric grid in isolation from the rest of the country.” Many things can be said about what happened in this blackout but with reliance on one to two power sources that can easily fail. Fossil fuels are reliable but also can not be relied on all the time.