Effects of COVID-19 on Students


Many students from schools have been hit by Coronvirus, some schools have even had to change there schedules.

Landon Wilde , News Editor

COVID-19 has affected everyone in one way or another. Everyone had to quarantine, a mask is now a part of people’s everyday outfit, and the world has adapted to a more virtual lifestyle. This global pandemic is impacting everyone, however, it has impacted the people who have contracted the virus the most.
Students at McIntosh are no exception. Many students have tested positive for the virus and are or have been required to quarantine. These unlucky students that have come into contact with COVID-19 have felt the consequences. If a student feels too unhealthy to do school work their grades could drop. Being alone in the same room for extended amounts of time can have a negative effect on a person’s mental state. On top of that someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 is not allowed to be in contact with another person. All of these trials have been faced by students at McIntosh.
Being outside of school but still having to keep up with schoolwork can be difficult. However, trying to keep up while being sick can be even more difficult. Nikki Benavent was required to quarantine. “The worst part is trying to do school work. I’m still expected to get everything done like normally but it feels like I’ve been hit by a bus,” said Benavent. “It’s really hard to get up and muster the energy to do anything.”
Seamus Lindberg on the other hand has found it to be a little easier to adjust with the help from his teachers. “I have a pretty mild case so it’s not too bad… and my teacher just emailed me all of the work for the class so I know exactly what to do.”
Nick Farinacci is another student who was quarantined. “With The videos being posted online I was able to just watch the videos posted by the teachers and knock out all the assignments,” said Farinacci.
Being exposed to COVID-19 can cause physical anguish but it can also affect the mind. Many studies have been published to study the effects of quarantining on the mental state of people. Benavent has experienced this. “The guilt, plus the nasty symptoms, exam stress and the isolation is just a hellish mix,” said Benavent.
Lindberg recalls a lot of confusion. “One night I decided to watch a horror movie. That was not a good idea… The next morning I woke up and thought I was in the movie… I was freaked out,” said Lidberg. That wasn’t the only time he felt a sense of confusion. “I grabbed a sparkling water instead of a normal water without noticing… My brian couldn’t understand what it was.”
Farinacci was able to find ways to stay in contact with his friends. He filled in his time by playing games with his friends online. “With all the extra time I had I was able to play lots of games with my guys… Although towards the end it was tough not being able to hangout with people face to face,” said Farinacci.
Lindberg’s main concern about his quarantine was the effect it had on his social life. “I didn’t have a bad case but being quarantined has been strange… I’m almost like an outcast,” stated Lindberg. He talked about how it felt to feel someone hug him for the first time in a long time. “My mom came in my room and gave me a huge hug and it was weird, it confused me,” stated Lndberg. “I thought, what are you doing? Why are you hugging me?” Lindberg explained because it was surprising for him to finally be in contact with another person.
Benavent also experienced social changes. She suspects that her boyfriend was exposed to the virus through her. “I’m mainly just riddled with guilt that I got my boyfriend sick… I’ve just felt bad for putting him and my friends in danger,” said Benavent.