New Exam Exemption Process


An image to the exam schedule that was releases by the Chiefs Connection

Landon Wilde , News Editor

With the introduction of the new hybrid learning schedule at McIntosh, the exam exemption process has changed. In years past, exam exemptions were done through forms sent home with students to be filled out and signed off by a parent. This year there is no hard copy. All exemptions will be filled out and approved by parents online. This new process will take place through Infinite Campus.
“The new way isn’t really that different but… it can be kind of inconvenient to log into Infinite Campus when last year our parents just had to sign a piece of paper,” said junior George Prebble.
In the Chiefs Connection email sent out to all students, it provided details. Teachers are instructed to ask each student individually whether they are choosing to take the semester exam or exempt it. The teacher will then input that information into Infinite Campus and then the final step to the process is to be completed by the parent/guardian of the student.
“… in order to complete the exam exemption process, parents/guardians must use their Infinite Campus parent portal to view and verify their child’s exam exemption(s) and to complete a survey allowing their child to exempt and/or to give permission for their child to leave campus at the end of an exam period,” said the Chiefs Connection.
If a parent/guardian does not complete this step the student will lose the ability to exempt an exam. This step is also important for students who wish to leave campus after completing their exams. Therefore, this survey applies to students even if they are not exempting an exam. Students whose parent/guardian does not complete this survey will have to stay the remainder of the school day on exam days.
Chiefs Connection also released a timeline for the process.

● Monday, Dec. 7: Teachers will notify students of their course average for exemption purposes.
● Tuesday, Dec 8: By 4:00 p.m., students will notify teachers if they intend to exempt – either using their one general exemption or up to three of their academic exemptions
● Wednesday, Dec. 9: Students and parents/guardians will review the exemption information in Infinite Campus and complete an online Exam Exemption survey via the Infinite Campus parent portal.
● Friday, Dec. 11: The Exam Exemption survey will close at 4:00 p.m. Failure to complete the online Exam Exemption survey exemption by the deadline will result in the loss of all exam exemptions.
● Tuesday – Friday, Dec. 15-18: Final Exams

The following is a link to the Chiefs Connection where more information is provided: