BREAKING: McIntosh on Hybrid Schedule

Landon Wilde , News Editor

Today McIntosh released an announcement about the new instructional format. The following statement was sent to students to inform them of this change:

Due to the number of positive COVID-19 cases and the number of persons in quarantine, the
decision has been made to temporarily move our school to a hybrid model of learning. Beginning
this Thursday, December 3, McIntosh High School will begin temporarily operating on a
Synchronous Hybrid Model that will include five days of instruction for students. Note that this
is a different model from what was implemented at the beginning of the school year. With the
Synchronous Hybrid Model, students will work in one of two formats each day of the week: live
in-person learning or synchronous learning from home via Zoom.

Daily Schedule
Here is how the Synchronous Hybrid Model will work:
● All students will follow their normal daily schedule
● Links to Zoom sessions will be posted on the teacher’s Schoology page
● Students at home will participate in class in real time via Zoom
● Attendance is required and will be taken by the teacher
● During the at-home Zoom sessions, students are required to log in to each teacher’s
Zoom link at the beginning of each class period.


2020-12-02-07-10-58_Instructional Format Change 12-2-20 (1)

(a link to the full release sent out with more information about scheduling, attendance ect.)