Exam Exemption Criteria

Landon Wilde , News Editor

Final exams for this semester will begin in December and it’s time for students to start preparing. The schedule for the exams was released through the “Chiefs Connection” in an email sent to all students through the infinite campus messenger.
Tuesday, 12/15 (1st and 2nd period)
Wednesday, 12/16 (3rd and 4th period)
Thursday, 12/17 (5th and 6th period)
Friday, 12/8 (7th period)
Exams can be a stress for many students, however, McIntosh offers some relief in the form of exemptions. There are two options students have when exempting a class’ exam. They can be exempt from academics or through the general exemption.
If a student wishes to exempt academics the requirements are as follows: the student must have a 95 or above in that class and can exempt up to three classes if they have a full school schedule. If the student has dual enrollment or a class period that is opted out they can exempt up to two classes.
A student who wishes to be exempt through the general exemption can exempt one exam as long as they have a seventy or above in that class. This exemption rule has changed since last year, “there is no attendance requirement,” said the chief’s connection email.
There are a few more rules that are important to know.
A student must pick between the general exam and the academic exam. Even if a student qualifies for both they must pick one or the other.
Students may not exempt an exam that has an end of course milestone exam.
Dual enrollment exam exemptions are determined by the dual enrollment university. McIntosh exemption criteria does not apply to dual enrollment classes.

The following is a link to the Chief’s Connection where you can find more information: https://www.fcboe.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=1423&dataid=16987&FileName=2020-11-05-13-24-01_CONNECTIONS%20November%205-November%2011%202020.pdf