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Zara Morgan

Who knew that owning a parrot could one day save your life? This was true at least for Anton Nguyen in Australia. While the cause is unknown, a fire started at Nguyen’s home at around 2:00am. Due to the fact that Nguyen was fast asleep, he neglected to hear the smoke detector. Luckily, his parrot Eric knew something was wrong and started calling Nguyen’s name. Because of this, both Nyguyen and Eric were able to make it out safely. He told ABC, “Everything’s alright so long as I have myself and the bird.”


Izzy Pullias

Fayetteville has just released a new “no jail” ordinance for the possession or use of under one ounce of marijuana. There was a unanimous vote by the council on Nov. 5. Offenders will have to pay a $125 fine to secure their position as jail-free. For offenders under the age of 21, they will have to attend a mandatory substance abuse program. “Our goal is to reduce the amount of people that are incarcerated for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana, thus reducing the stigma of having this type of conviction on an individual’s record,” said Fayetteville Police Chief Scott Gray.