How Local Businesses Are Handling Governor Kemp’s Attempt to Re-Open the State


Izzy Pullias, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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With governor Kemp’s decision to let non-essential businesses reopen in Georgia this past Friday, many businesses have had to decide how they are going to reopen, and how they are going to change their procedures to not only continue to make a profit, but also combat a global pandemic.
Many local businesses right here in Peachtree City have been searching for the best time to reopen. Kemp has now given them the all clear. Even though they have the permission to reopen, most local businesses are still looking to combat the virus through limiting hours and people.
Most restaurants have been doing this already. By only allowing takeout for customers, they limit contact between other customers and staff. But non-restaurants have to take a different approach in terms of reopening.
“I think that we can reopen now”, said Beth Pullias, an investor at All-Star Baseball and Softball, a local hitting facility here in Peachtree City. “We just have to keep an eye on the number of people coming in and out, and maybe only open for individual lessons to limit the traffic in and out.”
Many businesses have taken this approach by letting only a certain amount of people in at a time or making sure people practice good social distancing inside the store.
“Businesses that reopen must follow social distancing guidelines, maintain sanitation and screen their employees for symptoms such as fever and respiratory illness,” Governor Kemp stated as a good way to not only prevent the spread of the virus, but also allow the state to get back on track with its economy. But some local businesses will have a hard time following these guidelines.
Close contact businesses like hair salons may have to remain closed longer than something like a bowling alley, where people each have their own lanes and employees can easily disinfect each station after use.
Some models are suggesting a spike in the death toll for COVID-19 in the coming months. Experts have been predicting that reopening these businesses in Georgia may increase the death toll of the virus as well. It is ultimately up to the individual local businesses in terms of when they feel it is safe to reopen.
The future of the state still remains unknown, but experts around the country are doing their best to ensure the safety of each and every state.

Stay tuned for more updated COVID-19 news coming soon.