Spring Break Plans Cancelled Due to Covid-19

Landon Wilde , News Editor

Due to COVID-19, schools have been closed, workers are being laid off, people are advised to stay at home and not come in contact with people less than six feet away. Now the Coronavirus threatens another activity that could affect students again. Spring break plans are being put on hold to stop the spread and decrease the chances of contracting the Coronavirus.
Although this is not as serious and impactful as a parent getting fired from their job spring break could be exactly the type of distraction that people need from all of the quarantine, social distancing and frequent thoughts of the virus.
Many beaches have closed around the country and professionals warn passengers to cancel cruise plans.
“All beaches are to remain closed through April 17, including both publicly and privately-owned beaches,” said the Gulf Shores official website. https://www.gulfshoresal.gov/1524/COVID-19-Coronavirus
“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all people avoid traveling on cruise ships, not just the most at-risk for the coronavirus,” said an article published by USA Today. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/03/14/your-cruise-canceled-because-coronavirus-what-you-need-know/5049580002/
Sophomore Kate Pickard’s family had a cruise planned over spring break. Covid-19 kept them from celebrating their spring break on the cruise.
“I think the cruise line canceled the cruise but I’m not sure. We would have canceled the trip if it wasn’t though,” said Pickard.
Drake Albritton a sophomore had plans to travel down to the beach with one of his friends.
“We were planning on going down to New Smyrna beach were one of my friends has a house but I don’t think that we are going anymore,” said Albritton. “The beach isn’t closed but our parents don’t want us traveling.”
With Spring break plans being canceled students are having to find other ways to have an enjoyable spring break.
“If I can’t go to the beach I will probably be stuck at home not able to hang out with friends,” said Albritton.
Kate Pickard hasn’t made any plans since the cancellation of her cruise however she is hoping to still travel a little bit.
“We haven’t made any for sure plans but we will probably drive down to Florida for a little bit,” said Pickard.