The Struggle of Studying for Finals


Landon Wilde and Jackson Johnson

The semester is coming to an end which means finals week is coming up and students need to prepare. Preparation is essential to achieve a good grade on the exams and with the new seven-period day, some students may have more to study for this year than ever.
If you wish to do well on your exams it is beneficial to study. Therefore, how you study for exams is important. Some teachers give out study guides to help students understand the curriculum that will be on the exam. Sophomore Catherine Bach uses these study guides to prepare.

“I have been looking over my notes from previous units and working on study guides to make sure I know all my information,” said Bach.
Junior Anna Pakulski has found that working on study guides is helpful, however, also very time-consuming.

“I timed the amount of time I spent on each study guide and it totaled 20 hours to finish 4,” said Pakulski.
This amount of time can really add up and add stress to a busy student’s schedule so it is important to take a break from studying.

“I also make sure to take a step back and relax when it’s needed. When you are freaking out about finals you always seem to do worse,” said Bach.
However, if you start studying early, the workload can seem more manageable. That is why it is a good idea to plan ahead and get as much studying done ahead of time as possible.

“I start studying about two weeks before exams,” said Pakulski.
One tip Pakulski gave to anyone who is struggling to start studying is to not, “wait until the last minute, you know less than you think you do.”