Booth Students Participate in Fine Arts Day

Adelaide Barrett , Staff Writer

On Nov. 21, the 8th grade class of J.C. Booth Middle School traveled to McIntosh for Fine Arts Day. The event consisted of performances from the chorus, band, orchestra, art, and drama departments. Amanda Moran, the orchestra teacher at Booth, helped organize the event.
“The purpose of the Fine Arts trip is to introduce the eighth graders to the Fine Arts program at McIntosh” said Moran. “Some students may not know of all of the opportunities that are offered for electives at MHS.”
At the end of the event, the faculty involved in Fine Arts introduced themselves to the eighth graders.
“The is the first year we have been invited to come over for the program that is being put on by the Fine Arts Department,” said Moran. “We hope that […] it will be a continued tradition for both of our schools.”
The event not only exposed students to the specific opportunities that will be offered when they enter high school next year, but also encouraged participation in the Fine Arts.
“I believe students need to be well rounded in order to be successful in their future endeavors,” said Moran. “Being involved in Fine Arts, especially music, has proven to increase student testing scores. […] Colleges tend to lean towards students that are involved in the fine arts because of their commitment to being involved in a 4 year program.”