Beware of Your Golf Cart Battery


Landon Wilde , News Editor

If you look into the garage of a house in Peachtree City, it is likely you will find a golf cart parked there. With a 90 mile network of cart paths, golf carts are used in Peachtree City almost as effectively as cars. Golf carts provide opportunities and experiences to learn about driving but they can also be very dangerous. Along with the risk of being in a vehicle accident, the chargers pose a risk of causing a house fire.
There are steps that can be taken to prevent fires from starting. One major cause is a charger being plugged in for too long. “The carts when charging emit hydrogen gas,” an article published by the Citizen said. When the charger is plugged into a power source for too long the charger can become too hot and start to ignite the gas. This can be prevented by unplugging the charger when the golf cart is fully charged. If it isn’t possible to unplug the golf cart once it is finished charging, then charging in a well-ventilated area works just as effectively.
If it is possible, be sure to charge your golf cart while you are present in your home. “The department recommends… not charging carts when no one is home,” an article posted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said. Therefore in the case of a fire or other emergency, you will be able to recognize it and notify emergency services before the situation gets out of control.
Another tip for safety while charging your golf cart is to make sure the charger is plugged directly into a power source. “The city is also warning cart owners to make sure the cart charger is plugged directly into a wall outlet… extension cords should not be used because most can’t carry the amperage required for the charger,” the Citizen stated.
Several attempts were made to get the fire marshal of the Peachtree City fire department to comment on this subject but we were unable to contact him through the phone.