Safety Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe on the Trails

Audra O’Clair, Staff Writer

With cold weather and storms, there are certain safety precautions people should take when driving their golf cart on the trail. It is important to listen to unusual sounds your golf cart makes because it may be a result f loose screws or bolts. These screws and bolts may need tightening. It is also important to check the water level in the batteries, look at the weather before heading out, check the air pressure in the tires and make sure to keep the tires properly inflated.

“It is important to check fluid levels and air pressure every three to four weeks in the winter. Cold weather causes tire pressure to deflate more than in the summer,” said Russell Warren, a salesman at Golf Rider in Peachtree City.

It is important to make thoughtful decisions when planning to drive the golf carts as the conditions of the trails may be unpredictable. There should be items such as blankets, jackets, gloves, water, tow ropes, and flashlights in a case where your golf cart may break down unexpectedly.

Students at McIntosh who drive to and from school on the golf cart should be prepared for changing trail conditions with dropping temperatures in the morning and any possible development of precipitation. Students should also pay attention to their surroundings especially if they have the golf cart covers are down.

“Students should slow down,” said MHS student resource officer, Christopher Judy. “Everybody’s got their covers down making it harder to see, especially with the colder mornings windows fog up and it makes it harder to see out of them.”

If your golf cart gets stuck or breaks down, it is important to have a plan for what to do. In Peachtree City, there are many companies that can offer towing and other services to get your golf cart back on the trail or simply back to your house. People should have the numbers of towing companies in their contact list in their phone in case of an emergency.