Homecoming Week Concludes After Many Preparations


Freshmen winners John Paul Uzochukwu and Claire Lankford posing for photos after winning

Landon Wilde and Max Lawson

Homecoming has been a long-lasting tradition for high schools and colleges for a long time. A lot of events form the homecoming experience. Students enjoy participating in spirit week, watching the parade, experiencing the football game and dancing the night away with their fellow classmates. However, these events take a lot of planning. 

Mr. Hammond, the athletic director for McIntosh, has to spend a lot of time preparing for the week. He helps plan the pep rally, parade, powder puff game and dance here at McIntosh. “There’s a lot of moving parts and people that are involved,” said Mr. Hammond. 

With so many events going on, there is a lot of planning ahead of time and forward-thinking. Mr. Hammond is in charge of planning the halftime homecoming court nominations during the homecoming game as well. “Preparations actually started, I’d say a month ago,” said Mr. Hammond for the preparations of the halftime crownings. 

Although all of these things can require a lot of preparation on the staff’s part, it can be worth it. The weeks of planning that go into making the MHS homecoming experience definitely pay off when students and faculty alike see the football team on the field, the court on the red carpet, and the hundreds of students at the dance. According to Mrs. Edenfield, “it’s all worth it in the end.”