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Audra O'Clair, Jordyn Mobley, Zack Stone, and Izzy Pullias



Audra O’Clair


In Beijing, China, the people celebrated China’s 70 years of becoming the People’s Republic of China. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, China’s territory, there were ongoing protests. During Beijing’s celebration and a parade of China’s anniversary, protestors filled the streets of Hong Kong. As a way to keep Hong Kong’s protests in the dark and attempt to show the strong unified nation of China, the highly censored media only showed the celebrations happening in Beijing. The only attempt made to show the protests were shut down quickly. The people in mainland China had little to no knowledge of the protests occurring. The streets of Hong Kong were restless as fights broke out between the protests and police. During these altercations, a protestor was shot by a Chinese police officer. This was the first lethal force had been used in the many weeks of protesting. Hong Kang, an advertising worker in Hangzhou, a Chinese city, believed the Hong Kong protests were unnecessary. He said, “There won’t be any good outcome for you if you fight with great China.”




Jordyn Mobley


Former Dallas police officer, Amber Gugyer, was found guilty of the murder of Botham Jean. Botham Jean was sitting in his apartment when Gugyer came in and shot him. She was exhausted from a long day of work and believed that he was trespassing in her home. Gugyer shot Jean over a year ago but did not go to trial until recently. On Tuesday, Oct. 1 Gugyer was sentenced to ten years in prison. She will be able to qualify for parole in 5 years with good behavior. 




Zack Stone


President Donald Trump has called for the recent whistleblower to expose his/her identity. Per The Hill, a Capitol Hill news reporting source, President Trump feels as though the informant’s story was a misrepresentation of the actual events surrounding his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He hopes that revealing who the whistleblower is will not only discredit the case but also change the potential impeachment trials coming his way. Unsurprisingly, the whistleblower and his/her representatives are hesitant to come forward and potentially put not only personal safety at risk, but also his present and future career. Tensions are continuing to rise as the impeachment inquiry continues and the GOP continues to press back. 




Izzy Pullias


Many people have been expecting the new JC Booth Middle School to start construction soon, but there have been many issues with the actual decision to make it happen. In order for the new school to be built, Stagecoach Road off of Robinson Road needs to be paved, with an addition of extra turn lanes and lanes in general on Robinson. The Peachtree City Council is opposed to the new JC Booth site becoming a reality, but people are still working to find a way for the school to be built. The Council believes that it will be too expensive to build the new location of Booth. Eventually, JC Booth will either need to be renovated or replaced sometime soon, as the condition of the current school is not the best.