Pep Rally Pride


Isabel Pullias

Seniors cheer on in their togas during the 2019 pep rally

Zack Stone, Staff Writer

In the excitement of the Homecoming week festivities, from spirit week dress up to dance proposals and from the powder puff game to the royalty crowning, it’s almost easy to forget the celebratory culmination of the school week: the annual pep rally.

Looking ahead to their first high school rally, McIntosh freshmen are excited, albeit a little unsure of what to expect. Freshman Alex Daigle, despite his uncertainty of the coming event, sees the celebration as a double positive, commenting that Friday afternoon will be “a fun way to get out of class for a bit,” while simultaneously encouraging his classmates to achieve the goal of “being the loudest one.” 

Many sophomores, still riding high from their underdog victory in last year’s rally, are excited to have the opportunity to show that it wasn’t a fluke win. Sam Rottschafer, although acknowledging that the display of spirit is something of a “waste of time” was still enthusiastic about his school, concluding his response with a solid “go McIntosh.”

For the upperclassmen, this year’s pep rally is finally a chance to have a major role in the celebratory assembly and cement their place within McIntosh traditions. 

Tyleece Rideout, junior, is looking forward to getting in on the excitement she has witnessed for the past couple years. “Of course juniors have a chance to win,” Rideout commented confidently after explaining the overflowing spirit of her class. 

Finally, senior Tobi Tega was looking forward to donning his toga and taking the center stage. Having zero concern for how the pep rally will end, Tega assured his peers that seniors, as a whole, “are superior” and should have no issue winning it all. Putting aside the winners and losers though, Tega excitedly said that it will be “fun to hear all the chants.”

Though the hopes of every student were not able to come to fruition in Friday’s rally, the general spirit of every class was abundant. The celebration began with awarding the best floats from Monday’s parade and continued to recognize our spring state champion soccer teams before hearing from the current progress of our cross country, softball, football, cheer, dance and volleyball teams. After a rousing performance by the Powder Puff cheerleaders, the annual screaming-match ensued. While the freshmen and sophomores eventually got their class spirit up and running, it took no time for the junior and senior classes to make serious noise. Unfortunately, though, the 3:45 bell rang before a class champion could be decided. 

However, senior Katie Phillips underscores the importance of the assembly, not as for finding a winner, but rather for bringing the school closer. “It doesn’t matter the outcome of the pep rally; we all had a great time as a student body to celebrate the Homecoming week.”