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Alexzandria Bowen


School Collapse in Kenya Causes 7 Deaths and Many Injuries 


Early Monday morning, Precious Talent Academy collapsed in Nairobi, Kenya. Students were in classrooms when part of the school building gave way and collapsed. 7 children were killed in the tragedy, and around 57 others were sent to the hospital suffering from related injuries. The wreckage is still being cleared to make sure no students are trapped underneath the collapsed building. It is being assessed what caused the collapse, and if the building is still a risk. 


An area has been set up for parents and guardians to assist them in finding information on their children. 



Max Lawson

Climate change is having a massive effect on life in the arctic circle. 


In recent years, global climate change has affected the earth more than ever. Just in 2019, according to NBC, the Arctic Circle has lost more than ten billion tons of ice. Such a massive loss has had, as many of you can imagine, an adverse effect on the 



Nakia Harmon

Major League Soccer’s decision of taking back their ban on the Iron Front symbol of the Seattle Sounders for the rest of the 2019 season was made on Aug. 24. The protest of the Iron Front symbol depicted on the Seattle Sounders’ flag began on Jul. 21 during a Seattle Sounders’ match when the Emerald City Supporters began waving their flag. The symbol that is depicted on the team’s flag are three arrows that are pointed leftward and down that depicts the Iron Front which is said to be a symbol that represents the fight against facism, oppression and persecution by The Emerald City Supporters in a statement on its website. The Iron Front symbol is viewed as controversial due to the fact that it was used by anti-facist German paramilitary organization that fought against the Nazis constantly during their rise to power which was before World War ll.The reversing of this ban resulted from their fans silent demonstrations and walkouts that have been seen during soccer games that aired on television.



Yunju Lee

Dragon Boats Row into Lake Peachtree

The Rotary Club of Peachtree City is holding the 12 annual Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday, Sept. 28 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Lake Peachtree. 50 teams will be rowing dragon boats this year. Kids’ activities, food vendors and other family-friendly activities will be centered around the Drake Field next to the City Hall. 

All proceeds will benefit The Real Life Center, the Eden Project and Piedmont Fayette Hospital’s Thomas Chapman Cancer Wellness Center.