Longer School Year and Shorter Summer Break

Longer School Year and Shorter Summer Break

Audra O'Clair, Staff Writer

Summer break is the few weeks students get each year with little worries about school, but every year the school calendar puts the first day of school closer and closer to July. 

The summer between each school year is only a few weeks long, and every year the breaks throughout the year change slightly in the number of days we get off of school meaning that the number of days of summer can change too. Schools most commonly start after Labor Day; however, this also means that school will end at a later time somewhere in early June. When schools have shorter summers, it gives students an opportunity to keep building on their skills and retain information from the previous school year much easier than students who have long summer breaks. With a shorter summer break, it does create conflicts for those who want to participate in summer camps and other activities over the summer. McIntosh always strives for students to focus on academics. Having a shorter summer break would means that there would be less time to forget the valuable information learned over the school year. 

In the last school year, McIntosh gave parents the option to vote for one of two proposed school calendars. One option was to get an extra week for summer break with shortened school year breaks. While the other option was to have more frequent breaks throughout the school year and a week less summer vacation. The final vote was for more frequent breaks and continuing with a shorter summer. 

The starting school date every year continues to move back that helps maintain the Monday start for the new year. At this rate, the starting school date will be in July in four years.