Elected Class Representatives for 2019-2020

Bergen Estep, Staff Writer

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As the 2018-2019 school year wraps up, students begin to prepare for the upcoming school year. This means picking new classes, trying to get acquainted with the building, and choosing future class representatives. The surveys to vote for the 2020-2021 class representatives were sent out April 17 and closed April 21. Students were able to vote for their class only. The spots available were President, Vice President, Parliamentarian and Secretary.

For the upcoming freshmen class, the president is Ashton Bone, the vice president is Logan Mills and the parliamentarian is Brielle Gradek.

For the upcoming sophomores, the president is Athena Manalo, the vice president is Karena Pemu and the parliamentarian is Celene Bennett.

“My job as vice president is to keep order,” Pemu said. “I wanted to take a leadership role and I figured this was the best way to get one.”

The upcoming juniors have Olivia Hite as their president and Sarah Park as their vice president. Hite has been the 2021 class president for two years.

The class president has the responsibility of representing the 2021 class,Hite said. “Being the class president gives me the ability to change things that the students want to be changed. I can talk for them and attempt to make McIntosh a better place to be enrolled at.”

Finally, the future senior class has Abigail Hooper as their president. Robert Palla is the vice president and Bella Lewinsky is their parliamentarian.

“I really enjoy student government,” Hooper said, “and being a part of a group that makes a difference in our school.”