Microbiology and STEM Biology Tour CDC and Emory University

Austyn Evans, Staff Writer

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On Monday, March 18 some of the microbiology class accompanied the STEM Biology class to the CDC and Emory University. The students were chaperoned by Mrs. Sisk and Dr. Cannon and a parent volunteer. The drive took an hour to reach the CDC on a school bus through Atlanta. To most students shock, the security at the CDC was extremely strict. The students walked through metal detectors, allow their personal belonging to be searched, wear an ID badge throughout the day, and sign their names to enter the building.

“The CDC was really interesting. All the exhibits went along with what we learned in microbiology and it was really cool to see how the diseases actually affected people,” said senior Matias Cuestas. “I was really sad because they took out the Ebola exhibit for an engineering exhibit and I was really excited to hear more about Ebola.”

The students toured the museum inside the CDC for an hour. After touring the museum the students asked staff members questions and listened to the qualifications for their jobs.

After the CDC tour, the students drove to Emory University to eat the lunches they brought from home, tour the campus, and look at all the science labs.  

“I really enjoyed the tour. The CDC museum was interesting and it went along with everything we learned in microbiology,” said senior Grace Waddell. “Emory was beautiful and walking around the campus and touring the labs all day was a great experience.”

The students arrived back at McIntosh around 3:15 Pm, microbiology students returned to Dr. Cannons class and the STEM students dispersed to their 6th-period class for the remaining 30 minutes of the day,

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