Peachtree City’s Safety is a Concerning Matter

The police badge picture is a photo supplied by Getty Images.

The police badge picture is a photo supplied by Getty Images.

Bergen Estep

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Peachtree City has been famously named “The Bubble” for the safe ambiance it gives its citizens, and because it is sheltered from the outside community. Peachtree City was chartered in 1959, with the plan of being developed into different “villages,” some of which are still here today. It was originally made to be a family-friendly, community-based place. But, with constant rising crime rates, some citizens are questioning whether we deserve to be called “The Bubble.”

Just between the last three months, there have been five charges of shoplifting, four stolen golf carts, three stolen automobiles, and two armed robberies in Peachtree City. One of those armed robberies even took place less than a mile away McIntosh. The number of total crimes has been raised by eight percent over the past year. Violent crimes in Peachtree City have increased by 6 percent in 2017. The year 2017 was a busy year for our Peachtree City police, seeing as though there were more crimes last year than any year before since 2003.

Peachtree City is sometimes referred to as “Police-tree City” for its active police enforcement. Yet, it comes as a shock that Peachtree City has 54 percent less police enforcement than the Georgia average and 44 percent less than the national average.

The police force in Peachtree City was drastically understaffed, according to Corporal Judy. Peachtree City is expanding, yet our police force wasn’t. Peachtree City’s layout is planned to double within the next ten years. Officers like Corporal Judy are urging City Council to expand the police force even further, though. “The police were not able to do everything the city wants us to do,” Judy said. “Now that we are back fully staffed, we are able to start more community programs for awareness like a Fire Safety course and Women’s Defense course.”

Officers are now urging citizens to be more alert. Peachtree City is becoming a target because the citizens are easy to prey on. Citizens leave their doors, windows, and cars unlocked. One is much less likely to become a victim of a crime if one stays alert.

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