T-Shirts for Kindness

Charlotte Moore, Staff Writer

The Rachel’s Challenge Club is beginning a new project – one that will reach the whole student body.  Partnering with Graphic Design, the club is designing T-shirts that will be distributed in the beginning of November.  On the shirt will be a circular chain representing the club’s motto: #StartAChainReaction (of kindness). Also on the shirt will be a quote from Rachel Joy Scott, the figurehead of the club.  Scott was the first victim in the Columbine shooting in 1999, and her family created this club to spread her message of compassion that she passed through her school, church, and community. The Rachel’s Challenge Club is nationally recognized in many schools and is fairly new to McIntosh, being three years old.

Organizing the “Kindness Shirt Day” is freshman Alex Lang, who had initiated a “pink shirt day” last year when he attended Booth Middle School. The activity was held in order to bring awareness to bullying and to promote kindness.  In Canada, where Lang grew up, his school participated in a pink shirt day each year. Lang was inspired to bring that about in his new school.

At McIntosh, on a designated day still to be announced, students will wear the designed shirt or a shirt of the same color.  The shirts will be colored tangerine orange to represent the color of national anti-bullying awareness. Not only is the Rachel’s Challenge Club and Graphic Design team working towards this goal, but parents have also stepped up to distribute shirts at lunch to make sure all students have an opportunity to buy one.