Apple Moves to Dominate the Market With The New iPhone 8

Dani Gray, Staff Writer

The iPhone is believed by many to have made a mark on our culture, and it’s a defining feature of today’s world. Its sleek design is satisfying, and the speed of its software is nothing short of perfection. Everyone has heard of it, and many have one.

On Sept. 12th, Apple announced its brand new iPhone 8, and it was released for sale in stores on September 22nd. Their aim was to blow the competition out of the water.

It’s no coincident that this game-changing phone was released in 2017, which is iPhone’s ten year anniversary.

Apple has been working on its design, and the new phone has a sleeker design techies will appreciate. and techie design. Apple caught a lot of flack when it was rumored that they had done away with the home button. Perhaps this is why the new iPhone 8 still has one, along with its larger screen and thinner base.

Over the past few years, Apple has also been working on a new way to unlock your phone, and the new iPhone 8 includes facial recognition as a feature. It may just be the next best way to keep your phone protected, but there are also new concerns. Many are questioning whether or not it will be reliable.

The new phone itself is very technologically advanced. In addition to the new facial recognition feature, the phone also includes wireless charging and 3D cameras.

Though the new updates might have justified a higher cost, many are relieved that the iPhone 8 doesn’t cost as much as the predicted $1000 price tag that was rumored in the months before its release. The phone will retail for $699 for its smaller model (64GB) and $849 for its larger model (256GB).