Members of Spanish Club gather for final meeting

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

Students of Spanish club gathered together for their final meeting this school year on May 9. Students kicked off the meeting with a piñata filled with various Spanish candies like chocolate wafers and different lollipops. Students were blindfolded as they approached the piñata and tried to hit some candy out of it. They later enjoyed a variety of Argentinian style pizzas from Partners Pizza. Chips with salsa and cheese and salads were also a part of the meal. To end the year off right, the Spanish Club concluded their meeting with frosted chocolate and vanilla cake.

Spanish club member freshman Irene Song said, “Spanish Club has been great fun all year. I am happy to have been a part of it and also happy to say that I’ll be doing it again next school year.”

Arden Estep
Students show off their candies won from the piñata.

Arden Estep
Sophomore Katie Thompson attempts to get candy from the piñata with a pole in her hand.


Arden Estep
Ms Maria Ramsey hangs the piñata for Spanish club students.