Classes celebrate National Foreign Language Week


SeKoixa Gonzalez

Senior Lee Newton and Junior Jayna Lobl enjoy some of their favorite foods for Food Friday during Foreign Language Week.

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

All photos were taken by SeKoixa Gonzalez.

For National Foreign Language Week, Mar. 27-31, all foreign language classrooms participated in week-long festivities. These festivities included decorating the foreign language hall and classrooms, dancing to a particular country’s native dances, playing trivia games and other games native to different countries, and then finally having a food day on Friday. Students brought in different foods native to their assigned countries.

Sophomore Katie Thompson said, “For food day, I brought in medianoche Cuban sandwiches. There was a large variety of food brought in, and we all enjoyed snacking on the foods. This year’s National Foreign Language Week was definitively a big step up from last year’s.”

Sophomore Irene Song said, “I loved decorating the classroom with the other students. Our room looked like a big mess of white, red, and green colors.”