McIntosh Trail earns high ratings in Georgia Scholastic Press Association contests

Senior Tarna Zander-Vellosos news article received a rating of superior.

Donna Owen

Senior Tarna Zander-Velloso’s news article received a rating of “superior.”


High schools with journalism programs are invited to compete each year in the Georgia Scholastic Press Association (GSPA) contests. The schools submit samples of their work, and the evaluators score the samples and provide feedback to the schools. The highest possible ranking is “superior,” and the second highest is “excellent.”  Lower rankings are designated as “achievement” and “merit.”

The Trail’s print paper, which is published eight times a year, received a rating of “excellent,” and the website, which is updated daily, received a ranking of “superior.”

The Trail’s editor-in-chief, senior Tarna Zander-Velloso, received individual awards for two of her articles. For her news story “Walkway expected to open in mid November,” she received a ranking of “superior.” For her opinion article “Hypocritical double standards in free speech should end,” she received a ranking of “excellent.”