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Emma Skaggs

Plenty of students are interested in theater and the performing arts, but most have not had numerous opportunities that senior Emma Skaggs has gotten to experience. She is the first student to win the Annual McIntosh Talent Show twice in a row. She has done a total of ten shows and wants to keep musical theater in her life. Recently, Skaggs played the role of “Liz” in the McIntosh play “Student Body.”

‘Student Body’ focuses on the moral values of teenagers in extremely difficult situations, such as what do you do if you have video evidence of someone you know is sexually assaulting another person. This is so different from any show I’ve even been a part of and I’m so grateful to be in it.” 

It was awesome. I left the stage and was in the best mood. The show MUST go on.”

— Emma Skaggs

Currently Skaggs is preparing for the role of “Jo” in the upcoming musical “Little Women,” as well as auditioning for colleges to get into the theater program of her dreams. She plans to major in theater, but also wants to work in special education at some point.

Skaggs has shown her professionalism when she had her “I-have-to-do-this-forever moment” on stage. During last year´s spring gala, Skaggs went on stage to do her solo, when her mic stopped working. She went off stage and waited for the tech crew to fix it. Panicking and laughing nervously, she finally went and performed. The audience felt for her and showed their support.

“It was awesome. I left the stage and was in the best mood. The show MUST go on.”

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