Senior Legacy: Marjorie Smedley

Senior Legacy: Marjorie Smedley

Mikayla Carrino, Staff Writer

Marjorie Smedley is a two-year staff member of the Trail, and this year she served as the Opinions Editor. She and the other members of the editorial board won a Superior rating at Georgia Scholastic Press Association’s Spring 2023 awards for their House Editorial, “Aren’t we supposed to be cheering on the team?”

Q: What was your contribution to McIntosh?
A: “I was here on the Trail for two years, starting junior year. I really liked it, so I stayed and became Opinions Editor.”

Q: How have you made the Trail a better program? What was your contribution to the publication.
A: “I like to be able to [help] people. I’m there to help, there for whatever they need me to do.”

Q: What college do you plan on attending?
A: “I am going to The University of Alabama. It’s a good campus, [a] big one, too. I am planning to go to law school [there].”

Q: What will you be studying?
A: “I’m going to be studying either political science or history. I haven’t made up my mind but, I think I’m going to go on a pre-law track.”

Q: If you have plans other than college, what are they?
A: “I’m planning to work over the summer, and go to the beach this summer.”

Q: What are some words of wisdom that you have?
A: “Please take a break. It’s not life or death. Just take a break and that [will help].”