“Rick and Morty” season 7 complications


Screenshot of the Jan. 24 statement that appeared on the official Rick and Morty Twitter account.

Season seven of Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” has not been confirmed for a 2023 release date, however, the show has been assigned at least 100 episodes according to a deal with Cartoon Network.
Although the show is highly regarded as one of the best Adult Swim shows by viewers and critics, sporting a 9.1 out of 10 according to IMDB, recent charges of domestic abuse against the program’s creator, Justin Roiland, according to “’Rick and Morty’ co-creator Justin Roiland faces felony domestic violence charges” by NBC News, has turned some fans away from the show.
For the future of the show, however, uncertainty concerning the character casting and direction of the show has taken the attention of fans in varying ways.

In Orange County, California on Aug, 2020, Justin Roiland was arrested and charged for domestic battery with corporal injury and false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud and/or deceit, false imprisonment meaning when one engages in the act of restraint on another person which confines that person in a restricted area.
Soon after, Roiland pleaded not guilty to both charges; however, public documents state that Roiland was released on a $50,000 bail. Roiland has the possibility of facing up to seven years in prison, according to felony criminal charges filed by the Orange County District Attorney.
The more in-depth details of the case are currently being held from the public view, yet the case has been brought to some light as of recent according to “’Rick and Morty’ co-creator Justin Roiland faces felony domestic violence charges” by NBC News.
These charges also hinder the schedule of the new season’s release date as Adult Swim, the program’s network, has dropped Roiland completely from the show.
Roiland voices a multitude of characters including the two titular characters, while also serving as the program’s co-writer and executive producer along with writer Dan Harmon, creator of other popular programs such as “Community” which was canceled in 2015.
The main cast of “Rick and Morty” is as follows: Justin Roiland performs the voices of both Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, Spencer Grammer performs the voice of Summer Smith, Chris Pamell performs the voice of Jerry Smith and Sarah Chalke performs the voice of Beth Smith.
New voiceover lines are to be dubbed over Roiland’s former lines, and with the main cast reduced to the latter three, there will be a re-casting for Rick and Morty, according to “Justin Roiland dropped from Rick and Morty after domestic abuse charges” by The Guardian.
“I don’t know if they’re going to do that well with remaking or recasting the show. Roiland has a voice that’s very versatile,” junior Matthew DellaTorre said.
On the contrary, the subject of impressionists has surfaced for the recasting.
“I think [Roiland] could easily be replaced with an impressionist, a lot of them can get themselves to sound like Morty or Rick, like this guy on TikTok, Sean Kelly,” junior Reilly Scoleri said.
Roiland only wrote six of the episodes from the entire series and directed one the other episodes in which Dan Harmon was mostly the main director and writer.
“[Roiland’s] writing was no good anyways so I don’t think his absence will affect the production of the show,” DellaTorre said.
The fact that Dan Harmon has written and directed most of the episodes lessens the proposition that Roiland would be a detrimental change besides the voice casting.

“I think even Family Guy would be better to watch because I just kinda feel weird knowing the guy voicing Rick is an [accused] abuser, like watching a movie with Kevin Spacey,” DellaTorre said. “But I might as well stick around and see what happens.”
Although the charges can be traced back to 2020, no trial date has been set for Roiland, according to “’Rick and Morty’ co-creator Justin Roiland faces felony domestic violence charges” by NBC News.