New Year’s resolutions

Why do we celebrate it?

Ryan LeVan, Staff Writer

New Year’s resolutions have been around since the 19th century and even as far back as the 17th century. “They were created by the Babylonians when they made promises to the gods in hopes that they would gain great fortune through the coming year,” The Campion. “The Babylonians mainly claimed to get out of debt or do more good deeds in hopes that the gods would see and take a liking to them and their family.” Now people from all around the globe including McIntosh have this tradition of making a New Year’s resolution to help them become better than they already are.

McIntosh students made numerous resolutions in 2023.

“My resolution was to go to the gym and work out more,” said freshman Caroline McCarthy. “I decided to start a schedule and a habit of going to the gym, and once you do that, it’s not that hard to keep.”

“My New Year’s resolution was to do something nice for someone every day, whether it be holding a door or helping someone cross the street,” freshman Ellie Harris.

A lot of people also included resolutions relating to their schools including but not limited to McIntosh.

“For a New Year’s resolution,” said freshman Samuel Love. “I wanted to stop procrastinating or at the very least find the source of the issue for me when it comes to turning in homework on time.”
Setting a goal to do or achieve healthier habits is another common resolution that people set.

“My New Year’s resolution was to make sure I checked and fed my pets as soon as I got home instead of forgetting and then feeling bad,” freshman Matthew Bailey.

“Mine was to drink more water,” said freshman Kimberly Leon. “I have a glass in the morning and one right before I go to bed.”

On the other hand, many people don’t make New Year’s resolutions in the first place.

“I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I think they’re stupid,” said freshman Madeline O’Neil-Vu. “I think they’re pointless because either nobody ever follows through with them or they make them way too hard to keep.”