Take me out to the ballgame

Freshman Olivia Sanchez recaps the softball season with a day in the life as a player

Sanchez practicing softball in her backyard

Livi Jacobs

Sanchez practicing softball in her backyard

Over the past four decades, McIntosh High School has continuously developed its softball team. The current varsity and junior varsity softball coach is William Kelley, who has been the coach since the 2018-2019 school year. When Kelley got here from Ola High School in Henry County, he replaced Health and Physical Education coach, David Munoz.

McIntosh softball player and freshman Olivia Sanchez played both varsity and junior varsity this season, making her what is known as a “flex” player. Sanchez has been playing softball for eight years and wants to continue playing throughout high school and hopefully play while attending the University of Georgia. Softball players had games scheduled after school this fall any day of the week except Fridays and for home games, they don’t end up leaving the MHS campus until after their game is over.


The week leading up to the softball game is important for Sanchez and her practice schedule.
“I try to practice the whole week leading up to the game. When I practice, I would normally do it for at least an hour or two. I also try to go to the gym every day because you have to maintain your muscle memory. So when you do get out there on the field, it just comes straight away and you don’t hesitate, you just get there and do your job,” Sanchez said.

That’s a big key in softball; you have to have some good confidence or you’ll just psych yourself out.

— Olivia Sanchez


Getting ready the night before the game is important to Sanchez so she can have enough time to practice the day of the game and feel prepared.

“I try to braid my hair the night before, and I try to [get to] sleep before 10,” Sanchez said, “I have thick hair and it helps me – if I have it in a ponytail I sweat more and it’s hot. And [braids are] cute.”


“[I] wake up on time, and have a good and healthy breakfast. I don’t like to have my stomach full before a game.I also try to drink as much water as I should during the day and eat before the game, but not too much. I try to stay confident and hyped up for the game so I don’t lose my confidence. Because that’s a big key in softball; you have to have some good confidence or you’ll just psych yourself out and you won’t do as well as you usually would.”


“I usually go over anything I did wrong with my dad, and then I try to practice what I did wrong the next day. We usually go to the outfield and talk to the coach and then he tells us what we did right and what we did wrong and tells us how we can improve and [hopefully] win the next game. At the beginning of the season, we try to have a big sleepover with both teams and I think that helped the whole team bond, both varsity, and junior varsity.”


Oct. 20 – According to the McIntosh High School softball team’s Instagram (@ladychiefsmhs) the team defeated Ware County High School 14-2 and advance to Friday where they played Union Grove.

Oct. 21 – The McIntosh Chiefs won 8-2 against Union Grove and advanced to Top 16. They played Chamblee High School.

Oct. 23 – McIntosh Chiefs finished their last playoff game after losing to Chamblee High School 9-1.