Tony Hawk Vs. Lil Nas X


Created by Jordyn Mobley

Alise Morawsky, Staff Writer

American rapper Montero Lamar Hill, better known as Lil Nas X, has taken to Twitter to speak on the unfairness of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and his new limited edition skateboard. Hawk has teamed with mountain water company Liquid Death to release this skateboard painted with blood. Hawk’s newly released skateboard is said to have red paint infused with Hawk’s own blood. Only 100 of these blood-infused skateboards are being sold. Each board is being sold for 500 dollars. With Lil Nas X also known to contain human blood within his product, the “Satan Shoe” was released in May 2021. The shoe, as well as Lil Nas X, received majority negative backlash, while the blood-painted skateboards aren’t attracting the same amount of public outrage. This lack of public disapproval made Lil Nas X start to question if the public’s negative outlook towards his “Satan Shoe” was truly because of the blood within the product.
Lil Nas X took to his Twitter account expressing his disapproval of this unfair treatment. Seeing as most were upset when he released the Nike Air Max 97.

Lil Nas X Tweets, “now that tony hawk has released skateboards with his blood painted on them, and there was no public outrage, are y’all ready to admit y’all were never actually upset over the blood in the shoes? And maybe u were mad for some other reason?” Fans of Lil Nas X are convinced the public wasn’t mad at the actual shoe but instead angry at Nas’s success, sexuality, and race.
After reading Lil Nas X’s Tweet about Hawk, sophomore Harmony Robinson states “Probably, you know like a lot of people in the world are homophobic and racist and Lil Nas X is Black and gay, so there’s definitely that possibility.”
Many people believe neither Hawk nor Lil Nas X should be putting human blood in their designs Sophomore Lamaras Blue comments “Why, why blood you can just put like liquid paint or something, I don’t know anything besides blood.” Others believe the Nike Air Max 97 and Hawk’s skateboard are very different. Lil Nas X decided to call his shoe the “Satan Shoe ”with the design including the number “666” and the pentagram both referencing Satan. Many think this is why the public was outraged with Lil Nas X and his usage of human blood. While Hawk did not bring any such religion into his skateboard and simply incorporated his own blood into the design of the limited edition collection.
Sophomore Gracyn Jewell and many others believe Lil Nas X’s incorporation of religion wasn’t a good move. Since Tony Hawk did not use any religion in his design makes Hawk’s skateboards were less of an issue.
Jewell, states “I think the shoes were worse because it’s almost like a mockery of like religion and those kinds of things.”