“I Just Want My Stuff Back” – Devious Licks Aren’t Victimless Crimes

Zara Morgan, Managing Editor/Features Editor

On Thurs. Sept 16, English teacher Jennifer Scott noticed something she loved was missing from her classroom.

The empty cage for Scott’s Harry Potter stuffed owl, Hedwig, sits in the corner of the classroom after Scott noticed the sentimental item had been taken. (Photo by Caroline Franklin)

“The item that was stolen was an owl that a previous student had given to me. It meant a lot. I’m even asking for it back with no questions asked. It means something to me.

“I mentioned it in class. I said, ‘Someone stole my owl.’ I had quite a few students who laughed.

“I said, ‘Why is this funny?’ Because it’s not right. Stealing is not a joke. It’s taking something that’s not yours. That’s technically a crime. So even though it may feel good in the moment or look funny on social media, it’s not. It’s something that affects other people. We need to be conscientious of that.”