Yearbook Information

Emily Rockey, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches rapidly, the yearbook staff is working efficiently to get the yearbook done. The yearbook cover and theme reveal occurs in the front entrance of the school and one new part gets released each day, eventually revealing the full theme and cover on Thursday, the last day of school. The Legend staff has been through a lot of challenges and difficulties this tear involving deadlines and dealing with COVID-19. The goal of the Legend staff is to get every student involved and featured in the book. This year is also the first year that there will be a yearbook distribution-parking lot party, this party will serve as an opportunity for students to sign each other’s yearbook, have food, listen to music and celebrate the book and overall end of the school year. Although the yearbook distribution will not be ready on the last day or in May, instead they believe that in July the yearbook will be the best book possible and will capture every aspect of the 2021 school year! Stay tuned for more information and dates involving distribution!