Senior Legacy- Elijah Smith


Nakia Harmon

McIntosh Trail Multimedia Editor, Elijah Smith, poses for his senior portrait photo.

Nakia Harmon, Opinions Editor

1- How have you made McIntosh a better place, what was your contribution to campus? (sports, personal relationship, etc.)
“I think the podcast was a huge contribution, though just being able to start the podcast branch and do something that I like mixing it in with working for the school I think that was a huge contribution I’m really proud of.”
2- How have you made the McIntosh Trail a better program, what was your contribution to the publication?
“Well you have a responsibility to guide it right on things that are going on in the school. Through your opinion and news stories, you have the privilege of doing that, and it’s great practice for if you want to do that sometime in the future.”
3- What college do you plan on attending?
“I’m going to go to Mercer University.”
4- What will you be studying?
“I will major in journalism.”
5- If you have any plans other than college what are they?
“I will continue to write for the Illini Guys. I think this might be the final season of the Austin + Elijah’s Podcast if we decide not to do it next year because of college.”
6- Any words of wisdom for returning staffers or newcomers to the Trail?
“For newcomers if you need help, raise your hand and ask for it, and we’ll be happy to help you.”