Yearbook – Superior Rating

Brennan Robinson, Staff Writer

The Yearbook Staff has been working hard to get the yearbook finished. Especially last year, when schools all of a sudden started home learning because of the pandemic. Juniors Emma Bellantoni and Natalie Spellman, who are both overseers of the yearbook, gave some insight to what it was like when they had won a Superior Rating last year despite the problems that came around.

“In March of 2020, we finished the book remotely after the closing of the school for what we didn’t know was the end of in-person school for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year,” said Spellman. While the student body was adjusting and learning how to manage with the new workload, the yearbook staff had nearly double that amount of work with having to get the yearbook finished.
The yearbook staff even said, “…we met at Starbucks and then the editors met via Zoom to talk with Mrs. Woolf and submit the last pages of the book.” Spellman said during the interview.

Bellantoni and Spellman both agree that getting the Superior Rating was well worth what they had to do to get the yearbook completed. The whole staff worked together even through the scare of COVID-19 to get the yearbook finished and out to the students and staff.
Bellantoni said, “The ‘superior’ rating was well deserved by the staff for finishing the book in a worldwide pandemic and meeting all of the requirements.”