Feature Story – Deanna Simmons McIntosh’s New Athletic Trainer

Landon Wilde , News Editor

McIntosh has recently hired a new athletic trainer, Deanna Simmons. After working with the football and basketball team some athletes have gotten to know her and all they have to say is positive.
“I really like the new athletic trainer, she’s super nice and friendly,” said Junior Hayden Logan.
Simmons’ was no stranger to McIntosh when she started working here, however. Peachtree City is her hometown and she graduated from Starr’s Mill in 2011. After high school she “went to the University of Georgia, graduated in 2016 with exercise science and an athletic training degree,” said Simmons.
She has worked as an athletic trainer at the college level as well as at an orthopedic clinic.
When asked what she enjoys about being an athletic trainer she said, “definitely the relationships that you build.”
She is also very work driven, “I like problem-solving… if someone is presenting some type of injury I like to go through an evaluation process and narrow down and figure out what it is,” said Simmons.
In addition to caring for McIntosh’s athletes, she is helping with a student athletic training program. She described the tasks interested students would be doing such as, “working with me, learning the basic athletic training skills and more about the profession… and helping with the rehab and treatments that I do as they come up.”
She said it’s “a great opportunity for anyone that’s interested in the medical field.”

The following is a link for the application

She encourages anyone who has a problem to come see her even if you “just want to talk.”
“I’m a very personable person so getting to interact with people and getting to know them is one of the great aspects,” said Simmons.
However, being a Starr’s Mill alumni raises the question of who she will root for in the next battle of the bubble. She said, “I’m at McIntosh now; so of course McIntosh!”