The Senior Legacy of Anna Muh


Jackson Stone, Staff Writer

Q: How have you made McIntosh a better place, what was your contribution to campus? (sports, personal relationship, etc.)

A: “My contribution on campus spans over a variety of things. I played on the varsity girls basketball team all four years of high school and I was a captain this year. I’ve been in multiple clubs and I have been the president of national english honors society this year and the news editor for the McIntosh trail this year.”

Q: How have you made the McIntosh Trail a better program, what was your contribution to the publication?

A: “As the news editor I’ve been able to talk to and influence the staff writers some of whom it was there first year on staff to become better writers, to actually be able to write in AP style, ad kind of introduce our staff members to other forms of writing outside just the essays and English and research papers and everything.”

Q: What college do you plan on attending?

A: “Furman.”

Q: What will you be studying?

A: “I am planning on studying English and international affairs.”

Q: What are some words of wisdom you have for returning staffers or newcomers to the Trail?

A: “If I had any advice for returning staff members or newcomers to the trail, I would say put your heart into into it. You’re going to get out of it what you put into it so it’s best to put as much into it as you can so you get the most out of it.”