Humans of McIntosh: Jackson Johnson


Nakia Harmon

Nakia Harmon, Opinions Editor

The 2019 McIntosh Varsity Boys’ Soccer team consists of a total of nineteen players which includes nine seniors, seven juniors, two sophomores, and one freshman. Don’t look at the word freshman twice because McIntosh’s Varsity Boys’ Soccer team has welcomed its newest edition to the team straight from the class of 2022. Let’s introduce you to the only freshman number twelve on the field that plays on defense for McIntosh’s Varsity Boys’ Soccer team, Jackson Johnson.

Although, being a freshman may not make him seem as experienced as many of the other upperclassmen on his team or the upperclassmen that he faces on the opposing teams. However, he’s been playing soccer from the time that he started walking. “My parents originally had signed me up for a Lasers team when I was three, but even before then I was always running around and kicking something,” said Jackson.  “I’ve just always had a passion for the sport. I love it more than more than anything,” continued Johnson.

Playing on a team that mainly consists of upperclassmen may sound intimidating. However, being surrounded by players who have the same ambitions as you which are literally making goals and leaving it all on the field after a grueling game doesn’t make it sound as bad. He said, “The upperclassmen are very welcoming and treat me like a little brother. Sometimes they joke around with me and call me freshie too.”

He isn’t only considered a youngin on the field at McIntosh, but Jackson is actually the youngest out of three kids at home. He is also one of the youngest players on the AFC team that he plays for outside of school. This team is considered one of the top ranking teams in the state of Georgia. He said, “It’s challenging playing with sophomores sometimes, but it’s worth it.” He isn’t afraid to face the the challenges head on, regardless of his age or the opposing players’ ages.

Soccer balls aren’t the only things that you can find in the thought bubbles above his head. Although college may seem like a long ways away for a freshman, he still has put a few things into perspective now. The college that he planning to go is Clemson University where  he is planning to major in sports medicine. He said, “My dream is to play soccer for Clemson.” Backpedaling to some of his long term goals in high school, specifically soccer, so there are still a few soccer balls up there. One of his goals is to become a team captain, but his ultimate goal is to be awarded with the All-American title for soccer. In the midst of the nineteen McIntosh games this season as well as the nightly practices, in the absence of games, along with games and practices for the year round team that he plays on outside school, he still finds the time to breathe which is astonishing.

He said,“During my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends.” He also enjoys watching one of his favorite professional teams play which is Manchester City of England whenever he can. To Jackson, the challenge of playing against older players isn’t looked at as dreadful because he only sees it as the frosting on a cake that makes the sport that he loves even better.