Humans of McIntosh: Meet Brett Goss

Nakia Harmon, Opinions Editor

Drum roll please! Introducing the 2018-2019 McIntosh Drum Major Brett Goss. If you’ve attended any of the McIntosh football games this season, either home or away, you’ve most-likely seen Brett during the marching band and color guard halftime performances. Don’t belittle this title because it was earned over the course of four years of McIntosh Marching Band and prior band experience. “The job of a drum major is leading the band and making sure that practice runs efficiently,” explained Brett. Being a drum major involves taking on multiple responsibilities- some of which includes learning the musical compositions that will be performed by band, learning the routines that will be performed by the color guard, and making sure that everyone in marching band and color guard have everything down before football halftime performances and marching band competitions.

Drum Major is not just a title that one can ask for and receive, but one must apply for this position and treat it as a job because that’s exactly what it is. Brett further explained that “You have to attend an interview involving your leadership skills and your qualities.” Like most jobs, you can’t just be in it for the title and recognition, you must have an actual passion for it. “Every single Friday night was memorable, and a good way to start off a weekend,” said Brett. Now, that you know a little bit more about Brett Goss’ role as Drum Major at McIntosh, let’s see where his passion for band all began.

In Brett’s case, it’s true that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His father was a Drum Major in both high school and college, and his mother was a majorette in both high school and college. His parents are also both coaches for the McIntosh marching band. “I really like my family being incorporated because they’re always there and helping out,” said Brett. He began participating in concert band at Kedron in the fifth grade. Even though it’s Brett’s last year at McIntosh, and in the McIntosh Marching Band and, he still has a strong connection to the trumpet, his favorite instrument to play in band. “My favorite instrument to play in band is the trumpet because both of my parents played the trumpet,” said Brett. As a Drum Major, he looks up to college marching bands. His favorite college bands to watch are Troy University, the University of Tennessee and the University of Georgia. Since you’re aware of Brett’s band background, you now have an understanding of what led him to becoming a Drum Major.

However, being a Drum Major isn’t the entirety of Brett’s life as he has a life outside of marching band. “One of my favorite things to do outside of marching band and school is playing sports with friends when the weather is nice and spending time with family,” said Brett. One of the subjects that has been on Brett’s mind this year as a senior in college. He is attending Troy University next fall. He does plan to participate in the marching band in college. The major that he plans to study in college is sports management which is the business side of high school, college, and professional level sports. This is the insight into the life of McIntosh’s very own Drum Major Brett Goss.