Multicultural Club holds second meeting


Jackson Stone

Students line up to try different foods during Multi Cultural Club.

Jackson Stone, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 18, McIntosh’s Multicultural Club had its second meeting of the school year where students sampled foods primary from Middle Eastern countries such as Israel. Foods included bean spread, bread made from cornmeal, and and even some candy from Middle Eastern countries.

“This club shows me more about how other cultures live their lives,” said senior club member Jesse Perry.

McIntosh’s Multicultural Club meets every month, and samples foods from a different region of the world at every meeting. Students can earn “points” based on how many meetings they attend as well as how many foods the bring in to contribute to the club. At the end of the year, Spanish teacher and club sponsor Senora Lloyd brings in items and candies from countries all around the world at a sort of “auction” for the club in May. Based on how many points they have at the end of the year, students can “buy” some of these items to take home with them and keep. This adds some extra motivation for students to both show up and contribute to the club.

Junior Dhanush Avva, who is in his first year as the president of the Multicultural Club, said, “Multicultural club opens up new experiences from cultures to the global community.”

Dhanush said the thing he enjoys most about the club “is trying out new foods from around the world and meeting so many new people.”

There has been no announcement yet on what region of the world the club will be trying food from next, but some major countries that have not yet had a club day focused around them include both Mexico and Italy, among many others. The next club meeting will occur on Thursday, November 15.