AP Lang Sucks the Marrow Out of Life


Anna Muh, Staff Writer

Junior AP Language and Composition students are currently reading Henry David Thoreau’s memoir, “Walden.” In the memoir, Thoreau explores the experiences he had in solitude while examining fundamental elements of identity. As the students read the memoir, AP Lang teacher Ms. Shery Kearney is teaching them about the philosophies Thoreau expressed in the book, and she is encouraging them to adopt some of these philosophies in their own lives.

To this end, Ms. Kearney assigned students a homework assignment in which she asked them to live as Thoreau lived. In “Walden,” reflecting on his time in the woods, Thoreau writes,  “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.” Over the weekend of Oct. 20, Mrs. Kearney asked her students to live by this most famous quote and suck the marrow out of life. Students had to do something fun or something they wouldn’t normally do over the weekend, take a picture of it, and post the picture on social media with the hashtag #aplangsucksthemarrow.

Students were enthusiastic about the assignment, and many of them posted pictures of themselves sucking the marrow out of life on their social media accounts. Some of their posts are below.

Yuheon Lee
Yuheon Lee got together with his friend, Shane Karafanda, and enjoyed a bonfire on a chilly night.
Chen Zhang
Chen Zhang chose to live by Thoreau’s philosophies by shooting some hoops outside in the driveway.
Leigh Wheeler
Leigh Wheeler went to a party with some of her teammates on the Peachtree City Row Team.
Colton Hayes
Colton Hayes spent his weekend playing lacrosse with his McIntosh teammates.
Shi Ho Kim
Shi Ho Kim decided to get together with friends to hang out over the weekend.
Mark Ni
Mark Ni visited Athens, Georgia for a Math Team meet.
Lauren Barnes
Lauren Barnes chose to spend part of her weekend admiring beautiful purple flowers.
Kaile Bouapheng
Kaile Bouapheng went to Duluth, Georgia to eat at a restaurant called “Loui Loui” and try some delicious foods.
Mrs. Shery Kearney
Even Mrs. Kearney decided to participate in the excitement and posted a picture of part of her weekend where she sucked the marrow out of life.