This picture was taken in Salem, Oregon, where the eclipse reached 100% totality. (New York Times photographer, Kyle Adler)
This picture was taken in Salem, Oregon, where the eclipse reached 100% totality.

New York Times photographer, Kyle Adler

The “Great American Eclipse” passes over Peachtree City

August 28, 2017

Reactions Prior to Eclipse

“I’m not happy with having to stay the extra hour, but I think the eclipse itself will be really cool. I hope it isn’t underwhelming.”

~Kaitlyn Rodriguez, 12th grade

The eclipses doesn’t happen very often, so I actually am pretty excited to see it. I don’t really care that we have to stay in school an hour longer. As long as we don’t have to do any extra classwork, i’m okay with it. I’m kind of glad we get to see it in school because I don’t have the glasses that the school gives us at home.”

~Jessie Hart, 9th grade

“I wish we were able to leave early so we could see the eclipse from home. Also, it should be an excused absence if you’re parents want to take you out of school to see a better view in north Georgia  because it’s a historic event, as well as a once in a lifetime experience.”

~Sonny Thomas, 12th grade

“I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity worth missing class for.”

~Kaile Bouapheng, 11th grade

“I’m done with this once in a lifetime’s stuff. We’re getting another eclipse in 2024”

~Samantha Post, 10th grade

Reactions from After the Eclipse

“It was super underwhelming. I guess it was kinda cool, but we shouldn’t have had to stay an extra hour.”

~Miles Call, 9th grade

“You could see everything get a little bit darker as the eclipse went on, but it didn’t get nearly as dark- or nearly as exciting- as it did in places like South Carolina or Oregon. All in all, I don’t think it was worth staying at school till 5.”

~Sarah DeNell, 11th grade

“Even though it was disappointing given all the hype leading up to it, I’m glad I saw the eclipse because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus, now I can warn my kids that it’s definitely not worth ruining your eyes for.”

~Sabrina Haider, 11th grade

Click here to see a video of total eclipse in Salem, Oregon.