Biology students dissect and examine marine organisms

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

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As the freshmen biology classes continue to learn more about different species, they are treated with the opportunities of partaking in classroom dissections of various animals such as starfish, crayfish, frogs, and even rats. On Tuesday, May 2, Ms. Samantha Krage assisted her students in dissecting starfish. Thursday, May 4, Ms. Mia Davis allowed her students to dissect earthworms. Thursday, May 4, Ms. Grace Cannon provided her students with different marine specimens. Students examined, sketched, and labeled sand dollars, sea urchins, starfish, brittle stars, and sea cucumbers. the next day, her students dissected crayfish. These dissections have enabled students to gain more knowledge about different organisms. Learning about the way these creatures operate and function has given students some insight to the marine world. The smell of formaldehyde, the chemical used for preserving these specimens, was apparent throughout the entire science wing during the week of May 2 – May 5.

Freshman biology student Brooke Birmingham said, “I didn’t dare touch one of those things, especially not the sea cucumbers. I let the other members of my group poke and prod the specimens while I tried to keep my breakfast down over that smell.”

Arden Estep
Biology student Lydia Campbell attempts to cover the smell from the specimens.