Freshmen Kayla Rose achieves athlete of the week

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

Freshmen Kayla Rose was awarded the title of athlete of the week on Friday, Mar. 31 . As spring break followed that Friday, her name was displayed on the board outside the school throughout the week students returned from break, Apr. 9-15. 

Kayla has achieved athlete of the week because she is undefeated even as she competes against seniors.

Kayla said, “I believe that I have been rewarded athlete of the week because of my mindset to never give up. Yes, I am undefeated, but if a person wants to really achieve something like this, the heart and drive also needs to be there.”

Talent and athleticism are also huge things that factor into making it this far. While Kayla agrees that she possesses the natural ability and talent running on the team requires, she is also aware that dedication and hard work come into play in nearly every aspect of this sport.

To those who are trying to reach this award, Kayla said, “I would tell the other kids not to give up and just to keep striving to reach their full potential. Even at practice, train hard, and the work that you put in will for sure show.”

Emma McKay
Kayla Rose gets honored with the title of athlete of the month.