Latin Club meet to “kill Caesar”


Sylvie Call

Sophomore Steven Galindo tries to find Caesar’s heart, instead pinning his hand.

Sylvie Call, Staff writer

Each month, the Latin Club meets before school and enjoys food and games. In memory of Julius Caesar, the game for the meeting in March is to “pin the dagger on Caesar.”

Because many students are aware of the work “Julius Caesar,” Latin teacher Ms. Connie Bryant decided to invent a game surrounding the work. In the play, Caesar is stabbed during the “ides of March,” otherwise known as March 15. During the March club meeting, students get their chance to stab Caesar. Instead of pinning a tail on the donkey, students are spun around in a blindfold before attempting to pin a dagger to Caesar’s heart. The spinning motion disorients many students and causes them to stab the wall.  The spectacle becomes quite amusing for students who decide not to play the game. The student who can get the closest is declared the winner and given a small cash prize: 1st place is $10, 2nd $5, and 3rd is $3. This years’ winner was sophomore Caren Bowers. Sophomore Corey Rotolo came in second, and junior Paige Groome, third.