Students go to Your Pie to celebrate Pi Day

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

Your Pie decided to celebrate Pi Day with discounted pizza on March 14. Typically pizza pies sell for $8, but the restaurant charged $3.14 (the number for Pi) for their pizza pies with a limit of three pizzas per each customer.

The restaurant was decorated with bright, neon colors, Rubik’s Cubes, and balloons. The employees even joined in on the fun by wearing flashy, neon colored legwarmers, sweatbands, headbands, scrunchies, and lined sunglasses.

The customer waiting line wrapped around the building and was backed up to the surrounding businesses. Some customers waited for more than two hours for their discounted pizzas, but they were given gelato samples and free cups of hot cocoa as it got later in the night and cooler. The management even placed a heater outside the restaurant in an attempt the keep those in line warm, and people swaddled themselves in blankets as they anxiously awaited to make it to the line inside of the building.

Sophomore Blake Chase said, “The gelato almost made waiting in line for two hours worth the while.”

Arden Estep
Sophomore Blake Chase is offered gelato to pass the time spent waiting in line.