Georgia groundhog predicts early spring


Arden Estep

Freshman Claire Oliver celebrates Groundhog Day.

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

On Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, the groundhog did, in fact, see his shadow. The famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, awoke to witness his shadow. This means we can expect six more weeks of winter. However, not every groundhog saw his shadow on this day. Georgia’s groundhog, who resides at the Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn, did not see his shadow. For those of us in the Southeast, this means an early spring. Interestingly enough, the groundhogs generally seem to be accurate about their predictions. 

Freshman Claire Oliver said, “The blatant truth is that Groundhog Day is such an underrated holiday. The groundhog, this small underestimated creature, gives us a look into the next few months. With this being said, why do so many people think so little of Groundhog Day. The groundhogs are rarely wrong about their predictions, so why isn’t this day more important? I didn’t even need a Snapchat filter for it.”