Students show school spirit during Homecoming week

Sophomores Claire Traylor and Lucy Stone dressed up as a tiger and a lion for safari day.

Ceci Giordano and Sylvie Call, Staff Writers

During Homecoming Week, students are given the opportunity to dress up and show support for their school. This year, the theme for Monday was Character Day; students got to dress up as their favorite book, movie, anime or TV show character. Tuesday’s theme was Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearls, but the day was also an unofficial jersey day. Many students combined the two themes. Wednesday was Decades Day, and students dressed up in costumes ranging from the 1800s to the 2010. Thursday was Safari Day; students dressed up as African animals or a person going on a safari. Friday was Spirit Day; freshman wore white, sophomores wore green, juniors wore black, and seniors wore their long-awaited togas.

All over the school, spirited students swarmed the halls to look at the decorated hallways, purchase Homecoming tickets and wear inspired costumes. As the week went by,  the school spirit intensified for the Homecoming game and dance.