Blackboard causes headaches for teachers

Sylvie Call, Staff Writer

Blackboard is the new tool for students and teachers. This new website, however, begs the question: how helpful is blackboard? While many teachers agree that it will eventually be a very helpful and successful tool, the site is currently full of problems such as login information not working and assessments failing to post. Until the kinks are worked out, teachers are continuing to use their personal websites or edmodo.

Ms. Christina Bryant, a chemistry teacher, says that “I was more excited for blackboard before the school year started… Now there are too many technical problems that just add frustration to our day.”

Ms. Laura Chaffin, one of the math teachers, said that “I can’t use it because the website has messed up my roster and I can’t assign or post anything to the right classes. It’s frustrating, but once it’s set up correctly, this will be a good resource for students.”

Ms. Courtney Vieira said that she is “excited for students. Blackboard will be useful once students can get on because everything will be in one place. I am really excited for the website to work properly.”

Mr. Greg Mason, another math teacher, said that blackboard will “in time be useful and will make things easier. But like anything that’s new, we have to get used to it.”

Overall, teachers seem to agree that blackboard will be a great, useful tool for both themselves and students. While we wait for the problems to be fixed, however, blackboard just adds extra time to teacher’s already long day.