Freshmen share first-day-of-school sticker experiences


Arden Estep

Freshmen Maylen Meszar and Juliana Pickard have photo taken together on first day of school.

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

Arden Estep 

The class of 2020 experienced their first day of high school on Monday, August 8. The senior class continued its tradition of placing stickers on freshmen. These stickers had a variety of messages, such as “Go Warriors!,” “Where is the pool?” and “Property of Class of 2017.”

Freshman, Danny Blue said, “I was really surprised I didn’t get stickered or glittered. All my friends were stickered multiple times.”

Freshman Abby Beam was one of the many freshmen who experienced the “stickering.” She said, “I was lost when I first walked into the school.”